Friday, 24 July 2009

Chickens in the Yard

Chickens are not currently allowed within Salem's residential areas. Dana Matthews of Chickens in the Yard is hoping to change that by persuading Salem city council to revise it's ordinance to allow residents in Salem to keep a few backyard hens, for eggs and as pets. Other cities already do allow chickens and have found that there can be many benefits. This item from living culture also features a chicken keeper (and her backyard flock) from Portland Oregon where they do allow backyard chickens and she shows some of the benefits of keeping a few chickens in your back yard.

Chickens in the Yard - Part 1

Chickens in the Yard - Part 2


Anonymous said...

We're having heaps of fun with our chickens. We have a geriatric rooster named Henry who finally put an end to the race wars between the hens in the chicken run. He's our peacekeeper.

Anonymous said...

My backyard is my favorite place everytime I go home. I visit my garden and of course my chicken. Having a chicken backyard is my dream before. I can get fertilizer from my chickens for my vegetable garden and get some fresh eggs too for my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

I live in Louisville Kentucky and my kids and i decided we wanted to try our hand at owning chickens in the city we have always be big on raising as much produce we can in our small front yard we have 3 amazing hens that we got several months ago grown but not laying (the ones that lay green eggs) we are happy to say we watched them grow up and develop there bright red combs they love when i come home they are allowed to run the front yard and eat fresh tomatoes from the vine( they go nuts for tomatoes!) we just had our first eggs laid we knew something was up because we have never heard Black-Black cackle like she was and in the nest box! we had 3 eggs waiting for us. We were thinking that we would like to hatch some chicks and experience that int he city we are allowed to own a rooster but are worried that it will be to noisy. Are roosters really that noise? Our hen's talk all day long