Sunday, 5 August 2007

Mike the Headless Chicken

A lot of you will probably have heard of this true story:

In 1945 a farmer from Fruita, Colorado took his axe, and instead of killing one of his chickens for his meal as intended, he accidentally created 'Mike the Headless Chicken'. The farmer had failed to completely decapitate Mike, missing the jugular vein and leaving one ear and most of the brain stem intact. Mike didn't let being headless get him down and continued to do all the usual 'rooster' types of things like crowing (gurgling) in the mornings, roosting, preening and trying to peck at food (albeit with his neck). He was fed with a dropper and seemed to be quite healthy and happy (over time he had been examined by several humane societies and was confirmed to be free from any suffering - he had even put on several pounds in weight over the following 18 months of his life). During his lifetime Mike became quite a celebrity and made a good living by doing tours and displays. He was even featured in an article in 'Life and Time' magazine and has an entry in the Guinness book of records. Mikes obvious will to live was, and still is, an inspiration for many. His life is celebrated in Fruita to this day where they have an annual festival based around him.

You can't keep a good chicken down!

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Lee said...

Hi Gina,
It was funny the other day when you sent out the newsletter my wife and i were watching, The Natural History of the Chicken. There was a segment on Mike. This was through Netflix. I like the newsletter and found some good tips on it.

Thanks, Lee