Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Chicken Ark and Run

Thanks to Amy Wardwell for sending in photos of her completed chicken coop. The coop and run itself have been made from the chicken coop plans from our website, but Amy has also added several of her own homely touches - including a hanging basket! :-)

The pansy beds lasted about a week before the chickens ate them. :-}

The Chicken Ark Plans used to build this coop.

More photos of this poultry ark can be seen here


Anonymous said...

I'm going to get chickens for eggs so I need a good coop. My daddy is going to build it for me. This is the prettiest chicken coop ever.

Anonymous said...

Amy, this coop is sooo cute! Our chicks are scheduled to arrive next week, so we are trying to decide what kind of housing to build and I love this one. What are the dimensions... how many chickens can it hold? Is it a moveable ark? Is it pretty heavy? I would love to see photos of the inside if possible.

Anonymous said...

It is about 10 feet long and 6 feet high (a link to the instructions is above). Depending on the wood you use etc, it is 'in theory' moveable by two people.
Best Wishes,