Monday, 23 July 2007

Restrictions Against Keeping Chickens

This blog is titled 'Keeping Chickens In Your Back Yard' but in a lot of areas there are laws preventing or restricting your ability to keep chickens in your own back yard. Many see this as an afront to their basic rights. This video is an interview with Jim Tucker who has been fighting for over a year to keep chickens at his marina on US Highway 98. In that time he has given nearly all his chickens away, but he still has one chicken left...

He has recently been told that he has 6 months to resolve several code violations - including keeping a farm animal within city limits.

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dcitarella11 said...

im so srry about that me and my family are struggling with the same problems, we've had our chickens for over 9 years and we were lucky, but now new people have moved in and complained. so now the town zoning is making us remove them and we are very upset. But since you've been fighting this for such a long time, please leave us any tips if you can.