Sunday 17 March 2013

Making A Dustbox for the Chicken House

Chickens love to dustbathe and it also helps them to keep themselves free of parasites. This video shows how to make a dustbox for your chickens to use inside the coop when the weather is bad or if they don't have an outdoor dustbathing area to use.

If starting from scratch, using the instructions in the above video you can make two dustboxes 24 inches by 16 inches deep from a single sheet of plywood.


Unknown said...

Nice. I really enjoy your news letter. My yard is full of dirt, but I had a feeling some chickens would be bathing in this video. I love seeing chickens do that!

Anonymous said...

we built a dust bath pen inside out chicken house, use a product called floor dry, its organic and will help get rid of mites and other goodies that they get, had some with scales on their legs, and this took care of them

Anonymous said...

just wanting to know if the floor dry will tolerate wet wheather, or do you need to keep it inside