Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Building A Chicken Coop For The First Time

By Dale Calder: "Just like everyone else says I love the keeping chickens newsletter and read it from cover to cover as soon as it arrives. I have never built any thing before and I just finished my coop.

I thought since I did this without any previous experience it might be an encouragement to others who are thinking of doing the same, to see the process.

My birds arrive the last week of May so only a few days to wait. I ordered six standard size brown egg layers, various breeds selected by the hatchery and nine straight run bantams one Slikie, three Mottled Cochins and five Bantam Grab Bag what ever is left over at the hatchery. They all hatch on Monday May 23rd and I should have the on either the 24th or 25th, can't wait."

I also made three short videos of the construction process.


Dale said...

Thanks Gina for adding this to your blog. Dale

Ken D Berry MD said...

Great looking coop!
I hope everyone realizes the health benefits of raising their own healthy, happy chicks and and enjoying the eggs they produce.
I tell patients that eggs are food "straight from God"

Anonymous said...

Very nice coop! Did you ever build the fiberglass greenhouse?

Dale said...

Thanks everyone for the compliments and comments. Next on my list of summer projects is the A-Frame Greenhouse but there isn't a great rush for this project as it won"t see a lot of use until next spring. I plant to order some of the materials and get started on it next week though. I'm sure there will be video of the process on my blog. Have a look at the blog now to see my little flock enjoying their coop.

Anonymous said...

You did a very good job, you can be proud of yourself and your coop.