Sunday, 17 February 2008



When a hen is bound to set,
Seems as though 'tain't etiket
Dowsin' her in water till
She's connected with a chill.
Seems as though 'twas skursely right
Givin' her a dreadful fright,
Tyin' rags around her tail,
Poundin' on an old tin pail,
Chasin' her around the yard.
- Seems as though 'twas kinder hard
Bein' kicked and slammed and shooed
'Cause she wants to raise a brood.
I sh'd say it's gettin' gay
Jest 'cause natur' wants its way,
- While ago my neighbor, Penn,
Started bustin' up a hen ;
Went to yank her off the nest,
Hen, though, made a peck and jest
Grabbed his thumbnail good and stout,
- Liked to yanked the darn thing out.
Penn he twitched away and then
Tried again to grab the hen.
But, by ginger, she had spunk,
'Cause she took and nipped a junk
Big's a bean right out his palm,
Swallowed it, and cool and calm
Histed up and yelled "Cah-dah !"
- Sounded like she said "Hoo-rah!"
Wal, sir, when that hen done that,
Penn he bowed, took off his hat,
- Spunk jest suits him, you can bet -
"Set," says he, "gol darn ye, SET."

Holman F. Day

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chickengirl said...

That's such a cute poem! You have a great blog. Keep up the great work!!