Friday, 24 August 2007

Chicken Tractor Inspired Temporary Housing

Thanks to Paul Monachino for sending in his new chicken tractor inspired temporary housing:

"After a fox attack killed off my six chickens and rooster, I realized I had major reconstruction that I needed to do in my barn and chicken coop and run. Inspired by chicken tractors I had seen on line, I decided to temporarily house my new birds in my version of a tractor.

The chicken tractor was placed inside the sheep pasture (after checking with the local vet) as the pasture is protected by five electric wires, keeping out predators."

Click Here for more construction details and photos of this coop


Anonymous said...

I love the portable chicken coop and pen! Joel Salatin recommends this as THE way to go. WE are gearing up for a country life and reading everything we can! Thanks so much for the info you offer here! :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice design. You've given me loads of great ideas. Thanks!