Wednesday, 18 April 2007

More Chicken Coop Photos

Thanks to everyone who has sent in (or promised to send in) their photos and stories. Keep 'em coming!

Here is a colourful design from Stephen Hoffman
Ready for the new arrivals :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Gina,
I just love the paint job on this coop. One question though. Does it Matter what kind of paint that you use? Is it harmful to the birds?
By the way, your news letters are wonderful.

Unknown said...

Thanks - I'm glad you're enjoying the newsletters :-)
If the paint chips off then the chickens will probably eat it, so you may have to keep an eye on it (or get a paint that doesn't chip if that is possible). As long as whatever you use is animal friendly / non-toxic you should have no real problems though.

Best Wishes

Wil said...

How do your ducks and chickens get along? We just got 4 chicks and one duck. I would like to get one more duck but not sure if they will get along. Saw your Woodstock pizza shirt. Are you located in San Diego? I am. -Wil

Nomadz said...

Hi there, I have 9 ducks and 2 drakes plus 3 chickens and 1 rooster they all live together in a very large pen. The rooster gets a bit protective over his girls at times but overwise they all get along very well together. I find the ducks are very messy though and eat all the food they can so the chickens get a feeder and water high up on perching branches so they don't miss out. I can send photos if you wish I live in Australia in Vic. Bst Wishes Claire

Anonymous said...

I am new to raising chickens. About 2 months ago I bought 5 "Amerilinks" at the Tractor Supply Store. They said they were crosses of New Hampshire, Rhode Islands, and a few other breeds. They are all white and have a single comb. They are all pullets. I have googled and have not found Amerilinks. I am curious what type of chickens I got and what color eggs they will lay. They told me that they would be good for our area (as it gets very cold here) Any idea what type they could be?