Saturday, 29 September 2007

Using A Poultry Saddle

Roosters often have their favourites and sometimes this can cause a lot of soreness and missing feathers to a hens back.

This is when a poultry saddle can come in handy.

A poultry saddle is essentially what it sounds like - a saddle to put on the back of a hen (or rooster) to protect from rough treatment or to give an injury a chance to heal without being pecked at. The saddles are made of hard wearing material with the straps fitting snuggly around the wings, but still giving complete freedom of movement.

In the short video clip below a Buff Orpington is sporting a little blue number :

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Anonymous said...

We've used saddles pretty often with our chickens. We go to Louise's Country Closet, they're cheaper then most and they have such pretty selection!