Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Banties & More - Mary & Carl's Story

Gina, thanks for sending the chicken coop directions. My husband will need to get right on this project. We will need to house the chukars for a while. I think we will be releasing them when they are old enough and hope that they stick around. At this moment we have 3 large cardboard boxes set up in our computer room, which is neat since we spend a lot of time in here.

We wanted to add to the 5 banties we have had for the last couple of years. Don't know if the old gals will accept the young'ns. We had the good fortune that the week old chicks accepted the new hatched babies that we got a week later. Almost lost one little guy. He was cold, but he seems to be holding his own at this time. I believe he and the rest of his batch will be a week old tomorrow.

Then we got carried away and added 6 pheasants. These are not supposed to be released into the wild. We were told that they need to be kept in separate cages because they fight. Don't think I like that idea.

We are going to need to get a little bit more educated on our new fowls. They are all warm and eating a high protein starter feed, grit,fresh water, etc.

Again we thank you,
Mary & Carl

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Anonymous said...

Here is what I read recently about introducing new chickens to an existing flock. When the chicks no longer need to be under lights (or before if your circumstances allow), they should be housed near but not with the existing flock to "introduce them." When the chicks are grown to about the same size as the flock, they can be put into the coop at night onto the roost amongst the exisiting chickens. "Do it in the dark!" We are going through this process with our 10 new chickies. We have built a separate small coop adjoining the main coop. Everyone can see each other and once a day, we lock out the older chickens and let the chickies "run wild." They love it, and the older hens watch them intently. The chicks I am talking about will be full-sized chickens, but we also have 6 new banty chicks as well. In the past we had our banty hens in with the regular size chickens (introducing them pretty much as I mentioned earlier); but this time, we many just switch them to the small coop that we are now using the for the "chickies." Aren't chickens fun!