Thursday, 12 April 2007

Famous Chicken Breeds : The Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red was originally bred in Adamsville, a small village which is part of Little Compton, Rhode Island. Apart from black in the flight feathers, their colour is a dark mahogany red. They are bred both for meat and for eggs and produce up to 250 to 300 large, light brown eggs per year.


Shelly Harris said...

I used to have a very large rhode island red rooster .. he was very pretty.
My son rescued him from a small pen at the feed store ... we kept him in a pen until he got used to the routine around here.... all my chickens free roam in the day.

When we let BIG RED out he seemed ok ... until you turned your back then he would attack.... it was funny at the time. I witnessed grown men scream in terror as Red lunged at them.. I had to run like mad to my truck on a daily basis to avoid the RED Wrath I could hear him running up behind me as I screamed in terror to my truck.. I gave Big Red to a friend who had no pets or a wife he and Red have bonded and are great friends .

Anonymous said...

Hi, my family and I are from Australia. We grew up with Rhode Island Reds and now so are our kids. We've been blessed with two beautiful hens and the biggest proudest rooster you've ever seen. My kids love collecting the eggs and imitating Rocky the Roosters crow. Jock McLaurin

vicki turner said...

Hi All,

I was wondering if chickens eat TICKS...I know that Guinea Fowl do, but they are too noisy for where we live...If NOT...will treating my yard for ticks harm my chickens in any way???...Thanks, Vicki

Gina said...

Guineas are great tick eaters, but chickens will also eat their fair share :-)
Pesticides should not be used near your chickens unless you are using one that has been specifically tested and cleared for use near animals.